Boilerhouse Communications is pleased to announce Better Connected Live 2017 in association with Socitm will take place on June 28 & 29 in Birmingham.


Better Connected Live 2016 was attended by elected members, senior manager, IT/digital transformation leads, web and customer service managers and head of the key service areas we assess for online performance in the the Better Connected survey including planning, social care, waste & recycling, housing, highways, schools, revenue & benefits and more. 


If you are working with local public services on transformative projects and programmes, supply software or services, deliver change consultancy or are engaged in redesigning services and support, there are many different ways you can get commercially involved with the Better Connected Programme and feed your contribution into the mix.


For more information or to get involved please contact Ben Webber or call on 07718929374.

Watch  Martin Reeves, CEO Coventry City Council speak ahead of Better Connected Live 2016